Jane Coombe is a British-born, Canadian artist, living in Victoria, British Columbia, with a contemporary art practice in painting, sculpture and 3D installation.  Her work encourages dialogue on key topics facing society today: from the environment and ending violence against women to current politics of gender and exclusion.  Jane graduated with a diploma in Fine Arts from the Vancouver Island School of Art (VISA) in 2017. She currently maintains a studio practice at Errant Art Space in Victoria.

Upon retirement in 2010, and after a successful career as a senior legal policy analyst with the BC Government, she pursued her lifelong creative passion and enrolled into the VISA Diploma Program.   During her professional career, Jane was a leading national expert on strategies to prevent violence against women and a major contributor to numerous national and international reports, conferences and training programs for the criminal justice system and service providers.  In 2000, she was honoured by her colleagues with the Landmark Award for Building Safer Futures For Women.  In 2002, Jane was recognized by the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa for contributions to the development of curricula and training materials and in 2007-8 travelled throughout Ethiopia giving workshops and seminars.

Jane’s art speaks to contradictions and disjunctures about the inequalities of privilege, gender, race and class in a world fractured by forced displacement and closed boundaries.  She believes her art practice must have a voice that echoes — the act of creation is an antidote to destruction and grief.


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