Iconic Blue 1924-2018

The Blue Bridge series started in 2013 when I was studying the concepts of space and atmosphere in painting. As I walked across the bridge, I recall looking up through the lattice work of girders at the sun reflecting through the multitude of angles and was surprised by the “cathedral -like” qualities of the architectural engineering.   My early drawings try to reflect this feeling.

A key element of understanding space in art is to note sensations of sight, touch, smell, sound, and emotions.   I listened to the sound of traffic going over the bridge and recorded how these sounds look on canvas, ConneXions 1 and 2, 2014.  With permission, I scraped pieces of paint and rust from the bridge and incorporated these elements into abstract paintings (name, 2013).   I collected iron spikes from the railway to dye crocheted doilies and table napkins (Sculpture 2013).


Blue Bridge Spikes 2012

Railroad spike and rust-dyed doily, Metal and fabric. 8″ X 3″, 2013


Blue Bridge Collage 2012

Blue Collar Jane, 22′ X 17″ Vellum and acetate, 2013



ConneXion + Xing, Acrylic paint and ink on canvas. 36″ X 48″, 2014


MbA BB Painting.jpg

Blue Bridge, Acrylic on Canvas, 54″x66″ Framed, 2014


april 8 download 211.JPG

Blue Day, Acrylic Paint and Rust, 17″x21″, 2012