Blue Bridge Series

The Blue Bridge Series was inspired by the replacement of the iconic metal blue bridge in Victoria, BC. The series is based on the ‘atmosphere’ of sadness and outrage at the loss of the landmark and recalls memories of similar bridges in the industrial northeast part of England. Created pieces reflect the architectural engineering and the cathedral-like qualities as well as the sounds of vehicles crossing the bridge.

Blue Bridge Spikes 2012

Railroad spike and rust-dyed doilly, Blue Bridge, 2013. Metal and fabric. 8″ X 3″

Blue Bridge Collage 2012

Blue Bridge Collage, 2013. Vellum and acetate. 22′ X 17″


ConneXion¬†+ Xing, 2014. Acrylic paint and ink on canvas. 36″ X 48″


The Blue Bridge, 2014. Acrylic paint on canvas. 54″ X 66″