Blue Bridge Series:  My interest in Victoria’s Iconic Johnson Street Bridge, started in 2013 when I was studying concepts  of space and atmosphere in painting. As I walked across the bridge, I recall looking up through the lattice work of girders at the sun reflecting through the multitude of angles and trajectories and was surprised by the “cathedral like qualities” of the engineering.  My early drawings try to reflect this feeling.  Fragmented memories of home and crossing bridges are the under-currant of the work.


From Iconic Blue Series, Acrylic on Acetate, 11″X14″, 2019



From Iconic Blue Series, Acrylic on Acetate, 11″X12″, 2019



Iconic Blue Series In Studio, Errant Art Space, Victoria, BC, 2019


Garry Oak Series

“… for the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition.  The artist is human; himself nature; part of nature within a natural space”.  Paul Klee

           The Winter Garry Oaks’ drawings reflect a sense of place and the natural environment. They are a fusion of drawing, painting, hand lettering and collage.   Garry Oaks are predominant in Victoria and are considered protected trees, yet some parts of this ecosystem are being destroyed for development.

                Working from images of Garry Oaks in winter I was captivated by the vast, windswept, aerial canopy of branches and trunks against a backdrop of night and day sky.  The drawings are not realistic, but an abstraction of my own experience and cultural heritage. The source imagery is the network of branches, the organic lines of twisted trunks, and facets of skeletal structures.


Garry Oaks in Winter, Punctured X-Ray Film, 14″x8″, 2018



Garry Oaks in Winter Series, Mixed Media, 8″x 10″, 2018


Early Work


The Louvre, 2012, paper, acrylic and graphite. 30″ by 22″



Blue Bridge, 2013


Cellular Structures, 2014